Nearly New Consignment is a small town consignment store that brings the whole community together. We have something for everyone. We thrive on having a wholesome environment where our consignors and shoppers can listen to Christian music and mingle like family. We recently celebrated our 10 year anniversary! Our store started very small in the building next door with a small fraction of the inventory and consignors that we have today. With 10,000+ active consignors and 100,000+ items of inventory on our sales floor, we are growing more and more every day. We have a LIVE SALE on Facebook every week day morning at 8:30 AM. This gives our customers the opportunity to see newly stocked items and different curated outfits everyday from the comfort of their home. We are known across states for our monthly HALF PRICE SALE where everything on our sales floor (excluding furniture) is half price for four days at the end of every month. In June of 2023 Nearly New was voted one of the Top 10 Best Consignment Stores in Arkansas. That is such a huge accomplishment for us and it would have never been possible without all of our amazing consignors and shoppers!